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  • Friday 5pm to Sunday 11pm $125 per hour 
  • Monday through Thursday 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm. $80 per hour 
  • Monday through Thursday, 11am to 3pm $35 per hour for casual use (photography) and building is still open to the public
  • Monday through Thursday 11am to 3pm $75 per hour for events when building closed to the public
  • Monday through Thursday, 5pm to 11pm. $100 per hour 
  • Friday, 8am to 5pm $80 per hour

*Non-profit organizations receive a $15/hour discount


Our sound system must be run by a professional engineer selected from a list of engineers who have been approved by The Old Church. Please contact us if you would like to make arrangements to use the sound system for your event.

Sound System includes:

  • 16 Track DM 1000 Yamaha Digital sound board
  • Full line of Sennheiser microphones
  • 6 mic stands
  • 4 radial direct input boxes
  • 4 X JBL 4892 Speakers (Front of House)
  • 4 X JBL 4890 Monitors (2 monitor mixes)
  • 2 X 31 band DBX EQ’s
  • TC Electronics M-one

There is a fee for our in-house sound engineer if the concert or event entails more than a simple microphone set up (which our staff does). Please contact us for details as rates vary based on hours.

Recording system (optional for $150 fee)

  • 16-track .wav files
  • MOTU 2408mk3
  • Mac Pro 3.1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon
  • Keyboard, mouse and monitor

Non-Profit 501C3 businesses receive a $15 per hour discount
Extra rehearsal time will be charged according to the above hourly rates and is subject to other events.

Student Recital Special Rate when performance is free to the public
Note: the “Student Recital” rate is available only to students, and is not available on Friday or Saturday nights.

  • for a 2 or 3 hour period Monday through Thursday $100 / $200 
  • for a 2 or 3 hour period Sunday, anytime after 1:30pm $150 / $250



For light stand-up receptions where coffee/tea and light snacks are served. Includes 2 banquet tables.

  • Reception flat fee for up to 100 people $50 flat fee. 
  • Reception flat fee for 100 people and over $100 flat fee

*The Old Church has strict alcohol policies in place and is in compliance with OLCC and Oregon state laws. The Old Church has excellent insurance coverage for events, however we can’t take high exposure risks when we are not in control of the event. Most venues do not allow outside concessions or bartenders because of the added liability risk. We do allow outside catering/bartenders but we require that any group selling/serving alcohol at a public event have the following in place:

There are 3 things required when selling alcohol at a public event at The Old Church and we will need copies of the following:
1. Special event license obtained from OLCC when event is open to the public. If this is a private closed event you will not need this.
2. Certificate of Liability Insurance listing The Old Church as additional insured and stating the date of event. Liquor liability of $1,000,000. Applies to both private and public events.
3. OLCC licensed servers with current permits must serve. We will ask to see server’s cards day of event. Applies to all events.

If you are using a licensed caterer they often have all of this in place and we ask that you have your caterer or bartending service send us a copy of their liability insurance.

Alcohol and Food Policy: Service of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only) may be made only under the auspices of an OLCC licensed server. If you are charging for wine/beer you must obtain a special event license through the OLCC, as well as acquire a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing The Old Church Society Inc. as an Additional Named Insured. The certificate should describe the event and specify the scheduled date. By law you must have food items accompanying alcohol being sold. No large beer kegs and no hard liquor allowed. A standard $50 (for parties up to 50 people) or $100 (for over 50 people) reception fee is charged if food or drink is served. A higher fee applies for full receptions with a large set up. Please see our Event Rates. No food is allowed in the auditorium.
Private event rentals (full seated set ups) will be charged at different rates than those shown above. Rates between $500 and $900.

Note: All rental times refer to your entire time in the building, including set-up and clean-up time. Some private event rentals (full seated dinners, for example) may be charged at different rates than those shown above.

We are available for consultation and viewing Monday through Friday 11a.m. to 3p.m. (office hours), and weekends by appointment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.