• Friday 5pm to Sunday 11pm $125 per hour 
  • Monday through Thursday 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm. $80 per hour 
  • Monday through Thursday, 11am to 3pm $35 per hour for casual use (photography) and building is still open to the public
  • Monday through Thursday 11am to 3pm $75 per hour for events when building closed to the public
  • Monday through Thursday, 5pm to 11pm. $100 per hour 
  • Friday, 8am to 5pm $80 per hour

*Non-profit organizations receive a $15/hour discount


PCP Concert Side View

All concert and recital bookings include one free rehearsal if scheduled during regular business hours. Time is subject to availability. Please book your free rehearsal when you book your concert, as well as any additional rehearsal times, to ensure you secure rehearsal time.

Extra rehearsal time during business hours and subject to other events $35 per hour
Extra rehearsal time during weeknights $100 per hour
Extra rehearsal time during Friday through Sunday evenings $125 per hour

Brazil for Japan Concert

Sound System includes:
* 16 Track DM 1000 Yamaha Digital sound board
* Full line of Sennheiser microphones
* 6 mic stands
* 4 radial direct input boxes
* 4 X JBL 4892 Speakers (Front of House)
* 4 X JBL 4890 Monitors (2 monitor mixes)
* 2 X 31 band DBX EQ’s
*TC Electronics M-one

Our sound system must be run by a professional engineer, from a list of engineers who have been approved by The Old Church. Please contact us if you would like to make arrangements to use the sound system for your event.

Recording system (optional for $150 fee)
* 16-track .wav files
* MOTU 2408mk3
* Mac Pro 3.1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon
* Keyboard, mouse and monitor